Environmental Stewardship

Richardson & Associates believes our work can have a cumulative impact on the quality and health of the environment. We achieve this impact through a conscious effort to make informed decisions regarding the planning and regulatory process, analysis of site conditions, mapping of efficient construction process and methods, and the use of a range of appropriate materials. Every site is different, and the firm takes the initiative to inquire anew in every project how each proposal can better reflect a stewardship for the landscape.

Richardson & Associates' planning and design process starts with a thorough analysis of the site, which identifies natural systems and their functions, revealing opportunities and constraints inherent in the landscape. This analysis ensures that critical, functional, and character-defining natural elements of the landscape are preserved as an integral component of the landscape’s future.

The individual components of a site (vegetation, drainage, slopes, aspect, etc.) need to be understood as part of a larger ecological system—a system that traditionally has little relationship to our cultural systems of order and organization. However, it is when cultural and natural systems are congruent that truly sustainable development can occur. When this happens development can have a symbiotic, rather than an adversarial, relationship with its surroundings.